2023 Conference Resources

2023 Foodservice Systems Management Education Council Virtual Conference
April 13 – 14, 2023


Incorporating Foodservice Energy & Water Efficiency into the Curriculum: The Fe3 (Foodservice Energy Efficiency Expert) Online Training Program
Presenters: Joan Frank

Lessons Learned: Best Practices in Mixed Methods Foodservice Research
Presenters: Susan W. Arendt

Consistency of Noncommercial Based Thickening Agents on LLUMC Dysphagia Menu Items
Presenters: Andreena Lopez, Briana Tran, and Janelle Tse

Assessing Restaurant Consumers’ Food Safety Comments on Social Media
Presenters: Maryam Ajasa

The Skills Essential for Dietetic Students to Meet Current Competency 1.12 In Demonstrating Knowledge of and Being Able to Manage Food Preparation Techniques
Presenters: Leann Schaeffer

Components of a Senior-Level Capstone Fine Dining Management Course: Event Planning to Execution
Presenters: Maryam Ajasa, Jiyeon Jeon, and Anirudh Naig

An Importance-Performance Analysis of Food Defense Management Perceptions and Practices in College and University Foodservice Operations
Presenters: David Olds

Determinants and Barriers of Household Consumers’ Healthy Food Choices through Online Food Delivery Platforms: A Qualitative Study
Presenters: Lucheng Wang

Effects of an Emoji on Recycling Behavior at a College Cafeteria
Presenters: Kiwon Lee

BYU Interns present on Student Operated Restaurant Management Experience
Presenters: Ana Mitchel, Julie Duncan, Kailey McBride, Roya Borden, & Mitch Krane

Engaging College Students in the Kitchen
Presenters: Marcy Gaston

The Pendulum Court
Presenters: Roya Borden, Mitch Crane, and Kailey McBride