2021 Conference Resources

2021 Foodservice Systems Management Education Council Virtual Conference
March 25 – 26, 2021


Incorporating COVID throughout the curriculum in a foods systems course
Presenter: Mary Roseman

The pros and cons of virtual food labs
Presenters: David Jurasinski, Oscar Oberkircher, & Collen Engle

Development and implementation of hybrid format food labs for dietetics students during the covid-19 pandemic
Presenters: Shelley DePinto & David Hersh

An investigation on teaching methods and barriers to the integration of instructional technology (IT) in foodservice management courses
Presenter: Yee Ming Lee & Yee Ling Lee

Testing the efficacy of a portion plate on reducing plate waste in a university dining hall
Presenters: David A. Olds & Kara L. Wolfe

Leading by example: a three-wave sequential mixed method food safety study
Presenters: Naiqing Lin & Paola Paez

From the kitchen to the screen: Maximizing nutrition education in a virtual environment
Presenter: Jen Muzzi, RDN/LDN

Food allergy training among ethnic restaurants owners/managers: comparison of food allergy policies &procedures in independently-owned Latino restaurants &other ethnic restaurants
Presenters: Nelson Placa & Anirudh Naig

Gender differences in digital food ordering experiences: An application of technology acceptance model and self-congruity theory
Presenters: Xi Leung & Han Wen

Factors influencing online food delivery drivers’ job engagement & its impacts on consumer satisfaction
Presenter: Erol Sozen & Dylis-Judith Mensah

Assessment of food safety in mobile foodservice establishments at Louisiana fairs & festivals
Presenter: Valerie Salter & Anirudh Naig

Exploring the use of glean programs in supplementing school meals
Presenters: Warren David Johnson &Susan W. Arendt

Authentic dining experience in a peer-to-peer meal-sharing context: conceptualization & scale development
Presenter: Hyoungeun “Gemmy” Moon, Chen-Wei(Willie) Tao, & Li Miao