2019 Conference Resources

Sustainability & Culinary Applications in Foodservice Systems Management Education
March 10 – 12, 2019

Keynote Address

Dietetic Interns Rock School Nutrition
Presenter: Donna Martin, Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics Past President


Farm-to-School and School Nutrition Administration Competencies
Presenter: Betsy Martin

Restaurant Service Sabotage Behaviors: Trends, Challenges, and Research (grant)
Presenters: Chen-Wei (Willie) Tao & Junehee Kwon

The Effects of Explanatory-Based Training on Food Safety Motivation to Learn and Learning Performance (grant)
Presenters: Heyao (Chandler) Yu & Pei Liu

Teaching Sustainability and Energy Management Through the Use of an Online Equipment Lifetime Energy Calculator
Presenter: Joan Frank

The Evaluation of the Food, Nutrition, and Wellness degree at Western Kentucky University
Presenters: Ann Embry

Food Allergy Knowledge, Attitudes, Practices, Training Experiences and Preferences of Employees in Chinese restaurants
Presenters: Lilly Jan

The Future of Registered Dietitians Nutritionists in Foodservice Management: Millennial Students’ Career Motivations and Aspirations (grant)
Presenter: Whitney Linsenmeyer; Rabia Rahman

Self-Reported Food Safety Behaviors in Independent Ethnic Restaurants: An Application of the Social Cognitive Theory (grant)
Presenters: Basem Boutros

Menu Label Reading Behaviors and Calorie Estimation among U.S. Consumers (grant)
Presenters: Erol Sozen & Yee Ming Lee

Cultural Awareness and Global Experience: Developing a Study Abroad Course on Culture and Cuisine for Nutrition and Hospitality Majors
Presenter: Laurel Lambert & Kelsie Stanley

Soup Connection: Farm to Fork…and beyond
Presenter: Sheryl Swain Aguilar

The Impact of Experiential Cooking Experience on Cooking Confidence and Dietary Behaviors among College Students
Presenters: Kristin Wiens

A Culinary Professional’s Experience – 4 & 20 Bakers: A Veteran Owned Business
Presenter: Farmer & Chef Chad Montgomery

Poster Presentations

A Content Analysis of Food Safety Policies and Procedures for
Student-Led Food Events at Colleges and Universities in the U.S.

Presenters: Sangwook Kang, Susan W, Arendt, & Lakshman Rajagopal

Healthy Eating and Active Living (HEAL) Outreach: Promoting
Simple Lifestyle Changes in a Local Community

Presenters: Elizabeth Ramos & Charlotte Connerton

How DPDs are Meeting KRDNs with Foodservice and Management Courses
Presenters: Meriam Brooks, Nathan Stokes, & Emily Patten

Healthy Eating Opportunities and Choices for University Faculty
Presenters: Selby Entrekin & Laurel Lambert

School Meal or Packed Lunch: What are the Motivators?
Presenters: Sarah Dhillon & Susan W. Arendt

Employee Perceptions of a University Transition from Self-
Operation to Contract Dining

Presenters: Alice Jo Rainville & Olivia Ford