The Journal of Foodservice Management and Education

Published jointly by Foodservice Systems Management Education Council and The National Association of College & University Food Services (

Current Issue – 2016 Volume 10, Issue 2

Research Contributions

School Nutrition Professionals Perceptions of Key Performance Indicators

  • Keith Rushing, PhD, RD

School Cooks’ Motivations to Engage in Protective Action against Food Tampering

  • Carol J. Klitzke, PhD, RD, SNS
  • Ali Burtraw, BS, RD
  • Caitlyn Nienow, BS, RD
  • Christine Nichols, BS, RD
  • Kara Kerrigan, BS, RD, CLC
  • Marni Shumaker, BS, RD
  • Marla Mulcahy, BS, RD
  • Eliza Short, BS, RD
  • Kirsten Arm
  • Judy K. Anderson, PhD, RN

Evaluating the Impact of Food Safety Messaging Posters on Observed Employee Food Safety Behavior: A Mixed Methods Approach

  • Kelly N. Abdelmassih, PhD, RD
  • Susan W. Arendt, PhD, RD
  • Catherine H. Strohbehn, PhD, RD
  • Lakshman Rajagopal, PhD
  • Kevin Sauer, PhD, RDN, LD
  • Angela Shaw, PhD

A Mixed Methods Approach to Examining Food Allergy Accommodation Efforts in Colleges and Universities

  • Kelly N. Abdelmassih, PhD, RD
  • Lakshman Rajagopal, PhD
  • Susan W. Arendt, PhD, RD

Use of Modified Problem Based Learning in an Undergraduate Quantity Food Production Course

  • Joel Reynolds, MA
  • Lakshman Rajagopal, PhD